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Ifigeneia P.

Φοβερή δουλειά! ευχαριστώ printnow.gr

Yogi Frozen Yogurt

Εξαιρετική δουλειά. Πήρα flyers από την printnow. Καλή ποιότητα χαρτιού πολύ καλή πιστότητα χρωμάτων, ευγενέστατοι υπάληλλοι, άμεση εξυπηρέτηση και εξαιρετικές τιμές. Την προτείνω ανεπιφύλακτα.

Andreas Z.
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Business Cards

Business Cards constitute the showcase of your company adding prestige to your business profile as well.
Create your new Business Card and impress your customers! 
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Offers at Business Cards


Our Special offers on Business Cards will grab attention!
Create a brand new Business Card with a much lower cost, giving prestige to your business. 
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Brochures-Flyers (Two sided printing)


Create your Brochures and Flyers that will advertise your business in the most efficient way, attracting new customers to your company!
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Brochures / Flyers (Two sided printing) - Offers


Brochures and Flyers now at even lower price!
Gain your customers by advertising your company in the most effective way. 
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Posters (Two sided printing)

Create your own Poster, highlighting your company or the event you've created, with the smartest way. Because sometimes ...the size does matter! 
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Posters (Two sided printing) Offers


If you don't want your company to go by without being noticed, project your product, business or event with an attractive Poster.
Create your own Poster at new reduced prices! 
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Business Forms - Duplicate


If nothing consists just a detail for your company, then neither your Business Forms should. Impress your customers by creating stylish Business Forms, by filling in your company's logo and data. 
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Business Forms - Triplicate


Each printing form of your company has its value. Fill in your company's logo and data and create a stylish Business Form. 
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Invoices / Receipts - Duplicate


Create with the most effective way the accounting documentation of your company, with your company's logo and data printed on it. 
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Invoices / Receipts - Triplicate


Give your business reputation on creating invoices and receipts printed with your data and your company logo. 
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Advertising Rulers / Bookmarks

Advertise your business cleverly and economically with a modern way such as Rulers / Bookmarks.
Don't forget that an utilitarian gift stays in your customer's desk forever! 
A perfect gift for students!

Stickers - Labels


Stickers and labels are always keeping your company's logo stuck in the memory of your customers!
A smart way to advertize your business. 
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Doctor Prescription


Easily create elegant Prescription Books with your logo, choosing between plain white paper or special relief paper. 
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Note book


Make your company to appear in every single note your customers write!
Create your Note Books with your company information printed on each sheet.
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You wouldn't let your brand's name or logo out of the most practical and usable item of your office.
Create Envelopes with your logo printed on it that will impress your customers. 
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Wall Calendars

Offer your customers a unique Wall Calendar with the logo and your company's data printed on it.
A smart gift for your customers so they will never forget your company!
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Greeting Cards

A great idea for offering a special gift to your customers or your loved ones, especially when you get to be the designers!
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Event Tickets

If you are preparing a special event, a lottery, a festival or a concert, you will definitely want your brand printed on the Event Tickets you'll create! 
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Your corporate identity and reputation of your business comes through a practical and comprehensive way of advertising.
The documents of your company or your customer's, will be stored in the Folder you'll create yourself! 
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Packaging Boxes

What is it that will attract prospective buyers for your product?
The Packaging Boxes of course, that will "hide" your product in the most modern and tempting way!
The most effective way to attract new buyers.

Preprint Invoices A4 for laser printers

Your Company's stamp is not the ideal type of advertising.
Stand out by creating Invoices and Receipts with your company's information and logo printed on it. 
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Letterheads A4

The letterhead of your company is a daily use item.
Give the unique character of your company through every note or letter you send! 
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Business cards Relief Spot Uv Two Sided

Business cards that impress!
• Paper Velvet 350gr
• Color Offset Printing two-sided
• Matt Lamination both sides
• Spot Relief Uv both sides


Business cards Relief Spot Uv Two Sided

Business cards that impress!
• Paper Velvet 350gr
• Color Offset Printing Single-sided
• Lamination Matt one-sided
• Silver Stamping Emboss


Shape Business cards with Spot Uv Two Sided

Business cards that impress!
• Paper Velvet 350gr
• Color Offset Printing two-sided
• Matt Lamination both sides

• Spot Relief Uv both sides

• Cutting your own plan


Business cards Glitter

Business cards that impress!

• Paper Velvet 350gr
• Color Offset Printing Single-sided
• Lamination Matt one-sided
• Coating Glitter


Gold Stamping Embossed Business Cards

Business cards that impress!
• Paper Velvet 350gr
• Color Offset Printing Single-sided
• Lamination Matt one-sided
• Gilded Stamping Emboss




Bronze Stamping Emboss Business cards

Business cards that impress!
• Paper Velvet 350gr
• Color Offset Printing Single-sided
• Lamination Matt one-sided
• Bronze Stamping Emboss


Business cards Gilded & Spot Uv -Full Effect Cards 

Business cards that impress!

• Paper Velvet 350gr
• Color Offset Print two-sided
• Matt Lamination both sides
• Gilded one-sided
• Cutting your own plan
• Spot UV one side

Business cards Stamping Emboss - Relief Spot Uv Super Effect Cards

Business cards that impress!
• Paper Velvet 350gr
• Single-sided Color Printing
• Lamination Matt one-sided
• Relief Printing
• Spot UV one sided


Business cards Relief Spot Uv Single Side 

Business cards that impress!
• Paper Velvet 350gr
• Color Offset Printing single-side
• Matt Lamination single-side
• Spot Uv


Business cards Spot Uv Two Sided

Business cards that impress!
• Paper Velvet 350gr
• Color Offset Printing two-sided
• Matt Lamination both sides
• Spot  Uv both sides


Business cards With Εmbossed Paper 

Business cardsthat impress!
• Embossed Paper 280gr
• Color Offset Printing  two-sided


Magnet Cards

Magnet cards that impress!

• Color Offset Printing

• Matt Lamination

• Cutting your own plan


Mini Multiple Cards!

Small size, impressive appearance and… multiple look!
Select up to 5 different printing themes for the back side and create the most unique business cards ever.



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Mini Multiple Square Cards!

Impress your friends and customers with the unique Mini Multiple Square Cards! Square cards come with small size and the possibility of 5 different prints on the back.



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Multiple Cards

Select the new Multiple Cards!

Now you can print up to 5 different themes on the back side of your business card.

For ... multiple tastes!



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Artwork Creation

Our experienced design department commits to developing all kinds of artworks.

From a logotype, a business card, to a multipage document, our experienced graphic designers will give you original ideas.

Business ID

The Business ID is one of the most important things for a business trying to pass a serious, elegant and competitive image. The Business ID consists of the logo, the business card, the brochure, the letterhead, the folder and configures the entire style of your company.


Probably the most important component of your business ID. The logotype is the storefront of your company and it's the one that will give the first and most important impression to your future customer.


An ad's entry in a magazine or newspaper, is one of the most effective ways of advertising your company. The choice of the magazine that corresponds to the target group addressed to your company, is the first important step.


The banner could stand for an online advertising (either within your website, or displayed in another website), in Google, on Facebook, or even as a printed surface for your front store or an exhibition your company participate.

Photo Shoots

The pictures of the products you want to promote are those that will describe, with the most eloquent way, their quality and prestige.

Construction Websites (Premium Pack)

The special package of Site-now.gr will highlight the company and the products you want to promote, in the most ideal way. Show professionalism by uploading pictures of your products with specification or prices -even videos.

Construction E-Shop

An e-shop, besides beingan important tool for the projection and promotion of your company, is the ideal way for selling your products online. Simple and user friendly, with the parameterization abilityof all the data you enter, your online store will be fully manageable by the owner.

Custom Websites

If you want your website to make a difference among the myriad sites of cyberspace, then you can trust Site-now.gr for its configuration in the most special way.

Internet Marketing

Site-now.gr guarantees the promote of your website in the highest positions in Google search engine, so the searches that the user will do to find your product, will always be among the first places.

Web Hosting

Site-now.gr undertakes another important piece involving your website and it is the one called hosting. Site-now.gr will host your website on servers of proven quality and will guarantee the permanent online maintenance.

Domain Name

Site-Now.gr will help you register your domain name quickly and easily. Through our website, you can check the availability of the name you are interested, and the suffix (.gr, .com, .net, .org etc).

Plastic PVC Card

Get the new plastic PVC cards and make a difference to your business meetings!
Design now for FREE!

Magnetic Card

New magnetic cards ... special missions and many different uses
Design now for FREE!

Radio Frequency Identification Cards

Advanced cards for specialized use that brings the future in your hand!
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Keychain Cards PVC

If you want to always advertising your company at the keys of your customers, then this is definitely a kind you are interested about!
Design now for FREE!